BRAVO! Delivered Dinners for Dollars

At BRAVO!, we are committed to supporting our neighboring schools and community organizations. Our Delivered Dinners for Dollars fundraising program allows the local community to not only enjoy a delicious meal prepared from scratch, but also help local schools, churches and non-profits raise money for great causes.   (Your organization is getting 33% of the total dollar amount you order!!)

Your organization has selected BRAVO! delivery to a pre-determined drop off area, so to participate, all you need to do is place your order below! 

(Please note this is for BRAVO! only*… you cannot order any items from Broad Street or Sal & Mookie’s to be included in this order. Perhaps we can coordinate a Broad Street or Sal & Mookie’s day with your school/church/organization coordinator for a future date! So, please do not try to cross over and add things from Broad Street or Sal & Mookie’s on this order.. they cannot be provided.)

How it works: 

  1. Choose your meal & select your options for: entree, salad, bread and shareable dessert
  2. Select any additional items, like an extra dessert (why not?) or a loaf of bread, then go to your checkout cart.
  3. In the cart, you’ll see a drop-down menu for delivery dates and times* (the date, place and pick up time has already been pre-arranged with your school/church/organization coordinator). BE SURE YOU PICK THE RIGHT DATE AND PLACE! 
  4. Finish by paying and you’re all set!

We are thankful for this opportunity to serve you in this creative new approach! We truly appreciate you inviting us to your organization!  If you would like us to bring meals from Broad Street Baking Company or Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint sometime in the future, let your fundraising coordinator know and we will book additional dates!   

*RIGHT NOW: we can only deliver BRAVO! food on BRAVO! delivery dates.